About company

Forty years have passed from the time when I started to travel around the world in a kayak. I began with small rivers, then bigger ones; followed by white water and lakes; and then finally the sea. Since 1983 when I completed my first marathon in a kayak, everything changed. The effort and adrenalin of long distances were addictive, but within some time the marathon-length felt too short. I started to paddle 100 km (about 62 miles), 150 km (about 93 miles)…

The most important thing was to find a good kayak, which would allow paddling those distances at speed and comfortable. Initially, I used different branded models from many manufacturers, but I always found a need for improvement; therefore I decided to design and make the kayaks myself. In 2010, together with my business partners, I opened the Kayman Kayaks company; which has given me an opportunity to implement my construction ideas. All kayaks which are made by this brand were designed by me. Finally, I started to paddle exclusively in kayaks which I produced and designed. Using these allows me to defeat even bigger distances – over 200 km (about 124 miles) on Malme 24 race (M24 KC) and 310 km (about 186 miles) on the Gauja XXL race. Finally, all my experience and clearly specified vision to create the very best kayaks has led me to create my own company Kazyak Design. We now produce models for many amateur kayakers.

If You are looking for the kayak which will help You meet your challenges and be comfortable at the same time – You are in the right place. Soon enough, you will feel that the chosen model is made especially for you.