Raider L

The Raider is a kayak that allows for comfortable paddling over long distances, regardless of what type of water you are in. Perfectly performs on fast moving water, is agile in the meanders, flawlessly cuts waves on the lakes and safely bears paddlers on big sea waves. This kayak is good for competitions, as well as paddling behind the ‘horizon line’. The Raider is comfortable for your back, legs and feet, has a comfortable seat, regulated backrest and spacious cockpit for your knees. The beautiful out-line design of the kayak and perfect nautical finishing crowns the work in every respect perfectly.


length: 550 cm

width: 52 cm

cockpit size: 86cm x 47cm

weight: 23kg(carbon-kevlar) / 25kg(expedition)

volume: 360 l

capacity: 155 kg


  • 2 oval caps baggage compartments
  • 2 round caps baggage compartments
  • seatback
  • deck rigging
  • Adjustable footrests
  • rudder
  • skeg